Aluminium tubes are manufactured by extrusion billet shock – Rondell made of 99.7% pure aluminum.

The first step is to grease Rondell tumbling drums special dry composition, crimping tool designed to protect against premature wear. Next, the tube billet pressing off of roundels on the press. Next is cutting the tube to length and design of the neck tube. The neck may be fitted with a protective membrane or open. Possible formation of different mouth shape.

Thereafter, annealing is performed in a special furnace tubes. During this process, the desired level is achieved hardness (softness) tube. After annealing, the inner surface of the tube is given a protective lacquer and produced its polymerization oven drying.
Then the tube is followed by the installation of the application of foreign-enamel primer. Then dry with enamel coating and offset design. Paints are also dried.
Laminated tubes are made of two basic types of laminate flooring – PBL and ABL. PBL – monogosloyny plastic sodzherzhaschy polymer (EVOH) barrier layer. In the laminate ABL as a barrier layer is used aluminum foil.

Production of laminated tubes begins with print design on the laminate. The application design is carried out by high-technology printing multi-color printing machine equipped with mechanisms to control the tension of printed fabric, laminate surface corona discharge device and apparatus for tracking a combination of colors. Stamping foil printing on the laminate is cold stamping technology (cool stamping), allowing not only to provide high accuracy foil combination with other elements of design, but also to ensure Lastly, there are the level of adhesion foil with the body tube. A careful pre-press, combined with high-tech equipment allows you to realize the most daring Disa our customers.

After printing, the design of laminate rolls transmitted to the assembly section tubes. Manufacturing (assembly) of laminated tubes is carried out on equipment from PSG and AISA. This tube is soldered to the body (or formed directly on the tube) shoulder to the neck, the neck tubes brazed foil – the control of the first opening and screwed cap.