History of the plant

Dear partners!


Today “Tube Plant ltd.” is a real giant tube plant. The plant has the most modern equipment at its disposal , possesses the most advanced technology. Uniqueness of the company lies in the fact that the consumer is able to purchase all the necessary types of tubes. The company gives jobs for more than 350 skilled employees. Rich production experience and unique technology became the basis of the stability of the company.

Technology development and product quality has always been a priority for the company management. Particular attention is paid to the process of quality control from the moment of delivering main raw materials to the warehouses to the shipment of tubes to the consumer, including quality control during the manufacturing process. For all the years of existence of the enterprise its policy was aimed at improving the quality management system. In 2000, the first among packaging manufacturers in the CIS, the plant established a quality management system certified according to ISO 9001:2000, received a certificate from a reputable European auditor.

Management of the company is characterized by using the individual programs of customer service. Regardless of the ordered volumes partner is supervised at all stages – from the preparation of the art-work of the tube to shipping the finished tube. These are the advices of experienced designers, and cost estimates of various tubes, and the provision of delivery service, and so on. Considered service helps increase the number of partners, making the relationship stable.

Tube Plant went through several stages of development. Thanks to the far-seeing leadership, professionalism and creative initiative of the team, all these years, it holds the prestige of one of the best on the packaging market in the CIS and Europe.We started the work in 1994 with aluminum tubes manufactured on the lines Herlan. Until that time, enterprises for the production of tubes for the CIS market did not exist. During the first 4 years of our work the quantity of our automated lines was doubled, and the volume of production reached the quantities that can satisfy the needs of the CIS market.

In 1999, we launched the first production line of plastic tubes. It was the beginning of a new direction and development of a new segment of the market.

In 2001, one of the first the company has mastered the technology of production of laminate tubes. The line including the printing machine Ko Pack and machine AISA started to work. That time the plant became the only manufacturer that has mastered the production of all types of tubes.The further increase of production capacities continued, new shops and offices were put into operation.

At the beginning of 2002, construction the new shop was completed, that expanded the production and increase the number of lines for the production of polyethylene tubes. In the same year the company set up the machine Madag for applying foil to the tube by hot stamping method.

Up to 2005, the production capacity for the production of laminate tubes have grown,for that time funds were invested in the launch of another lines for the production of laminate tubes.

In April 2006 a closed line of silk-screen printing on plastic tube was equipped with a modern extruder  Brayer and a new generation heading machine PSG. This increased the possibility of Tube Plant in the production of high-quality packaging and expanded the product range.In the following year, the next machine for hot foil stamping on tubes has been installed to meet the growing demand.

In 2008 the new line was introduced. It included the equipment of well-known companies: Polytype, Brayer, Madag. This helped the company to reach a new level, allowing to compete in the printing with the best manufacturers in the world.

During 2009-2010 two new production shops were built at the plant:
tool shop in which machines were installed with digital software for any kind of tools and equipment, allowing a process to reach new heights in production quality;    up-to-date shop for the production of laminate tubes in which the new generation machine PSG was installed.

In 2010, one of the first in the CIS, a new line in a closed circuit with a combined printing machine – flexo and screen printing was set up at the plant . This allowed to perform the most complex design solutions at a high level in the production of extruded tubes.

In 2012, a new production line for tubes with silk-screen printed designs was put into operation. In parallel with this project we started the production of tubes dia 19 mm with a long nose.

The work of the plant was highly appreciated by leading European manufacturers of equipment such as Polytype, Brayer, Madag, PSG, OMSO. They noted the high professionalism of all the employees of the plant and their team work that brought the excellent results.

A significant increase in production volumes, high speed and efficient production, continued expansion of the product range, a well-established marketing policies enable the company not only to maintain a leading position, but to invest in the further development of production and its upgrading, create jobs, strengthen its credibility and confidence in the future.

Tube Plant invites everyone to work with a trusted partner. At the moment, the company is ready to satisfy the most demanding customers.

Range of tubes produced by the plant is constantly expanding, and you will witness a new and interesting solutions in the packaging industry.

Faithfully yours,General Manager of Tube Plant Ldt.Leonid Filshtinskiy