Aluminium tubes are manufactured by impact extrusion from a aluminum slug made of pure aluminum 99.7%.

The first step is to grease the slugs in tumbling drums with special dry composition, protecting the tools against premature wear. Then the half-finished tube is pressed of the slug on the press-machine. Next, the tube is cut to the necessary length and the neck is formed. The neck may be with a protective membrane or open. Different formation of shape of the neck is possible.

Thereafter, annealing of tubes is performed in a special oven. During this process, the desired level of tube hardness (softness) is achieved. After annealing, the inner surface of the tube is covered with a protective vanish and the vanish is dried in the polymerization oven.
Then the tube comes to the application outer enamel station. Then enamel coating is dried in the oven and offset design is applied. Paints are also dried.
After the last oven cap is screwed on the tube. Latex ring is applied at the inner surface of tubes from an open end. After this operation, the tube is packed in a box.


Laminate tubes are made of two basic types of laminate – PBL and ABL. PBL – multilayer plastic contains polymer barrier layer (EVOH). In the laminate ABL aluminum foil is used as a barrier layer.

Production of laminate tubes begins with print of the design on the laminate. The application of design is carried out by technology of high printing at the multi-color printing machine. The printing machine is equipped with mechanisms of control of the laminate tension, with laminate surface corona discharge device and device for testing of colors combination. Stamping foil printing on the laminate is cold stamping technology (cool stamping), allowing not only to provide high accuracy of foil combination with other elements of design, but also to guarantee the maximum level of adhesion of the foil with the tube body. A careful pre-press, combined with high-tech equipment allows to realize the most complicated designs of our customers.

After design printing laminate rolls are transmitted to the tube assembly section. Manufacturing (assembly) of laminated tubes is carried out on equipment of companies PSG and AISA. Here shoulder with neck is soldered to the body of tube (or shoulder is formed directly on the tube). The foil is soldered to the neck of tubes (the control of the first opening) and cap is screwed.

After that, tubes packed in a box and sent to the outgoing control.


Body of plastic extruded tube is made of LLDPE by extrusion with the addition of masterbatch, and various additives. After the extruder “cutting”is made according to necessary length. Then a special machine forms the neck tube.
The next stage in the production of plastic tubes – soldering of the first open control membrane (if any) and setting of cap on the tube. Caps are of several forms. Caps “stand-up” and “flip-top”are used the most often. Tube Plant uses “flip-tops” of two types – screw and push-on. Screwing (or pushing) of the cap is made before printing the tube.
Then the design is printed on the tube body. We use different types of printing technology on the plastic tubes:silk-screen printing, offset printing and flexography. Design print is oriented by “flip-top”.
After printing on tube the hot foil stamping is possible. Foil can be of different colors and textures. After that, tubes are packed in a box. After the final inspection tubes are ready for shipment to the customer.