Printing technical potentialities and design requirements for different types of tubes. DESIGN REQUIREMENTS.


– dry off-set is a modern printing method with high output that is used in production of aluminium tubes. The main principle of the off-set is the following: printing cliches apply the inks to the special offset rubber by turn (one after another) and after that the rubber transfers the picture to the tube by one touch.
Offset has one peculiarity – the inks are applied one to another to the rubber being wet. The picture can be textual, raster and solid (die). Colours are according to Pantone. CMYK is impossible. Customer shall take it into account while developing the designs. DESIGN REQUIREMENTS.


Offset is a modern printing method. The up-to-date equipment installed at our enterprise allows to extend the posibilities of the quality of the picture up to CMYK application. DESIGN REQUIREMENTS.
Silk-screen printting: one of the ways of covering tubes with picture. The main principle of this metod is the stencil. It makes the silk-screen printing easier for picture replication. Inks for silk-screen printing are opaque. They allow to image the coloures (chosen by the customer) on the surface of any colour. The colours are bright and deep, the picture is visibly embossed, it increases the visual effect making the picture volume and pleasant by touch. DESIGN REQUIREMENTS.
Flexo printing has strong features of high and offset printing and it is unrivalled in technological flexibility. This printing method allows multiple shades and tones, combining clearly colors during printing with help of automatic form register in the printing machine. The sectional type of equipment construction allows to create a configuration that best meet the demands of a particular design.
Flexographic printing on tubes is carried out on the equipment of combination flexo + silk printing in various combinations. See the requirements to designs. DESIGN REQUIREMENTS.
Hot-stamping – the process of transfer of the metalized foil to the tube that allows to create the design elements which are of metallic shine. This process is additional operation, hot stamping is applied to the ready-made tube (with picture and vanish). It makes the tube not only attractive but showy. All the above-mentioned makes the hot-stamping irreplaceable while production of tube for cosmetics of high class. See the requirements to designs. DESIGN REQUIREMENTS.


High printing – the up-to-date and high-tech printing that allows to realize the designer’s idea completely . High definition allows to print images of photographic quality, all the smallest details of the picture being reprinted in the exact same way. While high printing the inks are transfered to the printing surface and burnt immediately by UV-rays after each colour. It excludes wet mixing of inks and provides the necessary CMYK colours. See the requirements to designs. DESIGN REQUIREMENTS.

Cool stamping – high performance process of transfer of the metallized foil to the printing surface. Cool stamping is the variety of the lamination. While the process of stamping metalized layer of the special foil is glued to the printing material. This type of stamping is used for stamping on laminate tubes and lables. See the requirements to designs. DESIGN REQUIREMENTS.